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Nanninga, S.; Lehne, G.; Ratz, T.; Bolte, G., 2019: Impact of public smoking bans on social inequalities in children’s exposure to tobacco smoke at home: an equity-focused systematic review, in: Nicotine & Tobacco Research , 21 (11), pp. 1462 - 1472, doi:10.1093/ntr/nty139

Lehne, G.; Voelcker-Rehage, C.; Meyer, J.; Bammann, K.; Gansefort, D.; Brüchert, T.; Bolte, G., 2019: Equity impact assessment of interventions to promote physical activity among older adults: a logic model framework, in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16 (420), doi:10.3390/ijerph16030420

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