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Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia Patient Journey
Research Team: Ansgar Gerhardus (Head of project); Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project); Imke Seifert; Henrik Wiegelmann

Development of quality indicators to analyze the improvement of psychiatric care
Research Team: Ansgar Gerhardus (Head of project); Kim Isabel Rathjen; Imke Seifert

Involving older patients in preparing clinical trials – INVOLVE-Clin
Research Team: Ansgar Gerhardus (Head of project); Werner Brannath; Carolin Herbon; Hannah Jilani; Kim Isabel Rathjen; Martin Scharpenberg; Imke Schilling; Guido Schmiemann

Needs-Based Provision of Medical Care to Nursing Home Residents (MVP-STAT)
Research Team: Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Daniel Gand; Ansgar Gerhardus; Annika Schmidt; Guido Schmiemann; Karin Wolf-Ostermann

Development of a community-based outdoor physical activity promotion program in older adults 65+ (OUTDOOR ACTIVE)
Research Team: Karin Bammann (Head of project); Emre Baygin; Carina Drell; Ansgar Gerhardus; Martina Gerken-Stüdemann; Jaqueline Kippnich; Lena Lübs; Renke Lührsen; Hartmut Manthey; Kati Mozygemba; Jenny Peplies; Max Schierhorn

Search result:
  • 6 Projects