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Current projects

„CAre Reflection Online für die Fachweiterbildung ONKOlogische Pflege (CAROplusONKO)“
Research Team: Ingrid Darmann-Finck (Head of project); Andreas Baumeister; Imke Meyer, ZeMKI, Universität Bremen; Jutta Kaliske; Jan Küster; Claudia Schepers; Karsten D. Wolf

Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia Patient Journey
Research Team: Ansgar Gerhardus (Head of project); Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project); Imke Seifert; Henrik Wiegelmann

Strengthening health-promoting administrative cooperation in the district
Research Team: Gabriele Bolte (Head of project); Tanja Brüchert; Stefanie Dreger

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Finished projects

Update of the Database for Nursing Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Center for Quality in Nursing
Research Team: Stefan Görres (Head of project); Gabriele Hansmeyer; Linda Harting; Jana Heinz; Paulina Meinecke; Lisa Schumski

Titel Englisch Conference of the World Society of Disaster Nursing (WSDN)
Research Team: Stefan Görres (Head of project); Paulina Meinecke; Lisa Schumski

Crime scene care: evaluation of spectator reactions to the crime series Tatort "In the blind spot"
Research Team: Stefan Görres (Head of project); Laura Buschmann; Claudia Stolle

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