Susanna Prepeliczay

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Goodair, C.; Moen, J.; Prepeliczay, S.; Rouault, T., 2005: Collaboration across Europe: Experience from Practice, in: LIBRI INternational Journal of Libraries and Information Services, 55 (4), S. 225 - 230, Link (Stand: 22.08.2017)

Prepeliczay, S., 2002: Sociocultural and psychological aspects of contemporary LSD use in Germany, in: JDI Journal on Drug Issues, 32 (2), S. 431 - 458

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Prepeliczay, S., 2018: Freizeitgebrauch von LSD und Psilocybin-Pilzen, in: Bröckling, Ulrich; Feustel, Robert; Schmidt-Semisch, Henning (Hg.), Handbuch Soziologie der Drogen, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, (im Erscheinen)

Prepeliczay, S., 2009: Psychedelic generations. Similarities and differences of socio-cultural factors related to historic and contemporary use of LSD, in: Demetrovics, Z; Fountain, J; Kraus L (Hg.), Old and new Policies, Theories, Research and Drug Users Across Europe. ESSD Publication, Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers

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Manzoni, J.; Prepeliczay, S.; Ciric-Jankovic, S.; Bjegovic, V., 2006: School Survey Report on Psychoactive Substance abuse among Adolescents in Serbia/2006, Belgrad: European Agency for Reconstruction

Manzoni, J.; Prepeliczay, S.; Ciric-Jankovic, S.; Bjegovic, V., 2006: Overall Assessment Report: Results of the Interview Study among Experts and Institutions in the Drug Abuse sector in Serbia/2006, Brüssel: EAR / IBF

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Prepeliczay, S., 2016: Morphology and motivations of recreational psychedelics use in Germany, Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research (ICPR 2016), Amsterdam, Niederlande, 05.06.2016, Link (Stand: 11.08.2017)

Prepeliczay, S., 2008: Social and psychological characteristics of LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms use, 19. Jahreskonferenz der European Society of Social Drug Research (ESSD), Budapest, Ungarn, Link (Stand: 11.08.2017)

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