Courses and Theses

The members of the department are offering several seminars, courses and lectures within the degree program for bachelor Public Health/Health Sciences and for master Epidemiology as well as for General Studies Health Sciences/Human Sciences.

We are supervising the works for bachelor and master theses plus dissertations, especially in the topic of our main researches.

There is the possibility to gradutate a training in public health (degree program for bachelor) with the focus on epidemiology.

Within the framework of the project PROFIL Gender (project-based learning, explorative and interdisciplinary) we have developed new didactic formats, comprehensively faculty, according to sex/gender or sex/health.

Master's Thesis


Currently in the winter semester 2021/2022

MSc Epidemiology

  • SE Finding a Topic, Research Project (online)
  • SE Social Epidemiology (online)
  • SE Research Project II: Group Counseling
  • SE Research Project III: Current Research in the Epidemiology (online)
  • Exercises for SAS (online)
  • Accompanying Seminar to the Master's Thesis (online)
  • Scientific Work


BA Public Health / Health sciences

  • VL Epidemiology II (online)
  • SE Epidemiology II (online)