Department of Prevention and Health Promotion

Welcome to the website of the Department of Prevention and Health Promotion! Here is a short overview of our main areas of research and academic teaching.

Research focuses

Prevention and health promotion are central components of sustainable health policy.
However, heterogeneous approaches are hidden behind the terms.
Our department is engaged in researching and developing the content and conditions of effective disease prevention and health promotion measures.
In doing so, we examine in particular the interactions between individual factors influencing health and health behaviour as well as environmental factors, e.g. supply structures or resources in the immediate geographical environment.
In addition, we always assess these issues from a life-span perspective and take social inequalities into consideration.
Current examples of our research can be found in the publication lists of the members of our department.

Focus in academic teaching

The department works primarily in the BA Public Health / Health Sciences BA and in the Public Health / Health Masters program.