Our focus areas

Wir arbeiten in multidisziplinären und (inter)nationalen Projekten zu den Schwerpunkten Evidenzbasierung, Patient*innenorientierung und -beteiligung sowie Praxisrelevanz.

Evidence-based health care

A good health care system offers appropriate solutions for the needs and aims of many different people. Not every health intervention that appears reasonable leads to the desired effects. The aim of Evidence-based Health Care (EbHC) is to identify interventions that are effective, efficient, and acceptable to the target groups. Concepts and methods that have been developed for evidence-based medicine are often insufficient to assess the more complex health care interventions. Therefore we develop and test concepts and methods for an integrated, comprehensive, and patient-oriented assessment of complex health interventions. 

Patient orientation

Patients should be at the centre of health care. They have very different needs regarding their treatment and treatment outcomes. However, the opportunity to draw attention to their own wishes is unevenly distributed among individuals. We develop methods for the collection and presentation of the needs of different patients and patient group. We involve the individuals and take social, cultural and ethical aspects into consideration. 

Practice relevance

Health care research should lead to the improvement of the health of the people. Relevant topics in health care should be picked up by research and the findings of health care research should be implemented into practice. In this focus area we aim to:

  • systematically generate research questions from relevant but underresearched topics in health care,
  • investigate how existing concepts operate in practice 
  • investigate how relevant research results can be implemented into health care practice