Department of Health care Research

Welcome to the site of Department für Health Care Research. The Department was founded in April 2014 and has extended its projects and number of team members since then. Successfully, research projects with third party funding have been conducted. Please inform in the following about our focus points in research and our main responsibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.

Our research:

The research of Department 7 is aiming at the investigation of structures, processes and results in health care. Head of the department is Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann. The focus of our investigations is particularly put on the needs of elderly people due to the demographic development in Germany. Innovative health care concepts are developed and assessed in close collaboration with health care facilities. Their effects are evaluated in existing health care structures and settings. The research involves the description of existing health care situations as well as the corresponding knowledge transfer into practice. In general our interests are open to all fields that are related to (Public) Health, Nursing and the Life- and Social Sciences and that are not solely connected to medicine. We highly support to work with other research institutions and appreciate to explore collaboration opportunities in the fields mentioned above. 

Moreover, Prof. Karin Wolf-Ostermann is the Appointee for International Relations at the Faculty for Human and Health Sciences (Faculty 11). One of the University of Bremen’s guiding principles is the promotion of international exchange among its students as well as members of the teaching faculty in the frame of international programs and partnerships on all the world’s continents. Faculty 11 wholeheartedly supports such internationalization efforts and encourages its students and personnel to take advantage of exchange and cooperation opportunities.

Our teaching:

All our Bachelor’s and Master’s courses are generally offered in German language, but we also provide lectures, seminars and block courses in English language. The nursing sciences in Bremen offer different undergraduate programmes as well as postgraduate degree courses in Community and Family Health Nursing and Vocational Education in Nursing. Furthermore, the team of Department 7 is mentoring and evaluating Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses.

Our team:

Department 7 is an interdisciplinary team, from the health and nursing sciences, statistics and educational sciences and student assistants from different study programmes in order to apply a multi-disciplinary approach and perspective to research- and health care processes.