Evaluation and Implementation Research in Nursing Science

Welcome to the website of the department evaluation and implementation research in nursing science. Our department was founded in 2020 and is currently being set up. The following sites will give you a brief overview of our research activities, members and teaching.

Our Research

Our department aims to promote an evidence-based nursing practice to avoid over- under- and misuse in patient care and informal caregivers.

We develop and evaluate complex interventions with focus on efficacy and efficiency. If interventions have been proven effective, we develop and test theoretical guided implementation strategies for the knowledge translation into practice. Main objectives are to investigate which strategies, processes and determinants facilitate or impede the implementation of evidence-based innovations in different setting (e.g. outpatient care, long term care, community setting or in hospital). We use quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods to conduct summative and formative evaluation of complex interventions. Beyond that our research contributes to the further development of theories, concepts and methods of evaluation and implementation research.

Research Focuses

Evidence-based Nursing Practice

Development of complex interventions to promote an evidence-based practice e.g. training for different target groups (health care professionals, caregivers, patients), guidelines, training of professional in evidence-based nursing, knowledge translation strategies

Informed shared decision making and decision coaching

Development of complex interventions to facilitate informed shared decision making and decision coaching by health care professionals, development of evidence-based patient information and decision aids, training for professionals

Our teaching

We offer courses in different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes primarily in the field of nursing (Community Health Care and Nursing and Vocational Education in Nursing). Furthermore, we supervise Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses.